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Policy#: 529-232

Title: AUP PROCEDURES: Scheduled Post Approval Monitoring

Effective: 7/14/2008


During protocol review any Committee member may recommend that a particular procedure or set of procedures be monitored subsequent to approval.  The DMR or full committee (depending on the form of the review) will make a determination on this issue and, if scheduled monitoring will be required, ensure that the protocol states this requirement. 


The Post-Approval Monitoring section of the protocol will state:

  • That post approval monitoring will be done.
  • Who will perform the monitoring (e.g. the Campus Veterinarian, IACUC members with specific expertise).
  • The timing and regularity of the monitoring.


Types of procedures that may require post approval monitoring include, but are not limited to: 

survival surgery


behavioral studies

wild caught back to labs

unfamiliar species

nonsurvival but extensive techniques

infectious agents

prolonged restraint

tumor growth

Death or morbidity as an endpoint 

Novel techniques

Novel species