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Policy#: 529-253

Title: REQUIREMENTS FOR ANIMAL USERS: Occupational Health Program - Policy on Enrollment

Effective: 12/9/2004


All animal users must enroll in the Occupational Health Program.  An initial Animal Handler’s and User’s Medical questionnaire must be submitted when an individual is first listed on an AUP (i.e. when completing the initial training).  This form must be renewed either:


  1. As defined on the specific AUP (i.e. on an annual basis)
  2. If not otherwise specified on the AUP, at the time of AUP renewal (every 3 years).


  • Individuals having submitted a previous questionnaire within twelve months prior to any due date are not required to submit another.
  • For laboratories with multiple AUPs, OHP renewal for each individual will only be associated with a single AUP. 
  • PIs are required to cover the cost of the program for the individuals in their laboratories. 


Originally approved: 12/8/2000; Updated: 12/9/04, 6/4/12