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Policy#: 529-251

Title: REQUIREMENTS FOR ANIMAL USERS: Policy on the Training of Animal Users

Effective: 12/14/2020


The University of Riverside (UCR) supports biomedical research in an ongoing quest for knowledge to benefit the health and well-being of humans and animals. UCR is committed to ensuring the humane treatment of animals used in biomedical research. As part of this commitment, UCR requires all personnel to be trained in the proper care and use of research/teaching animals prior to receiving the privilege of working with animals.

In accordance with Federal requirements (PHS Policy and the Animal Welfare Act), the IACUC mandates online training (with an exam) that provides the federally required training, describes the animal care and use program at UCR, and provides information on basic animal procedures.

All PIs must complete the online training course prior to approval of an AUP. All animal users must complete the online training course prior to initiating activities involving live vertebrate animals and gaining access to vivaria. Noncompliance may result in: discussion and possible sanctions by the IACUC, such as potential suspension of the AUP, and/or documentation in the IACUC Semiannual Program review as a specific institutional deficiency.

Hands-on training sessions may be requested by an animal user or required by the IACUC and/or the Office of the Campus Veterinarian (OCV). The IACUC recommends that the online training course be repeated every five years, barring any significant changes in the PHS Policy or Animal Welfare Act.

Within one week of the appointment of a person to a position that involves animal handling or use, the PI is required to notify the IACUC and/or the OCV via the AUP Personnel Add form ( will contact the new appointee with information regarding the required training. New personnel may not start working with animals until all training is completed.

It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure that all personnel receive training in techniques necessary to perform procedures involving laboratory animals prior to handling vertebrate animals. It is the responsibility of the PI to maintain the documentation for laboratory-specific animal training under their AUP(s). This documentation must be available to the IACUC at its request.

Originally approved: 11/7/2008; Reviewed and updated: 12/14/2020