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Policy#: 529-202

Title: IACUC PROCEDURES: New Policies and SOPs - Review and Approval

Effective: 2/25/2019



IACUC Policies and Guidelines serve as the official governance documents for the care and use of live vertebrate animals at the University of California, Riverside and are designed to provide all members of the animal care and use program clear guidance on the IACUC’s expectations and processes.


All new and revised policies and guidelines will be reviewed and approved at a convened meeting of the IACUC by a majority of the voting membership.

·         Proposed new and revised IACUC policies and guidelines will be circulated to all IACUC members for their review and comment.  Any comments will be incorporated into a draft version that will be placed on a full committee agenda and distributed to the IACUC members prior to the meeting.

·         Following review at a convened meeting, the policy or guideline may be approved or approved with minor revisions.

·         If the committee determines that substantial revisions are necessary, a revised document will be reviewed at the next convened meeting.

Originally approved: 11/19/93; Updated: 12/9/04; Updated: 2/25/19