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Policy#: 529-344

Title: ANIMAL USE PROCEDURE: Guillotine Maintenance and Training

Effective: 11/4/2019



Sharpened guillotines are critical to ensure animal welfare, especially when used to euthanize unanesthetized animals.  Sharpened guillotines are also critical to ensure smooth function for investigator safety. Guillotines must be kept clean and the mechanism tested regularly (testing consists of moving the mechanism up and down and ensuring smooth action).  Guillotines must be oiled yearly, or earlier if the movement is not smooth.  Blades must be sharpened or replaced every three years, or earlier if rust is present.  The guillotine must be labeled (sharpie is acceptable) with the date and action (sharpened or replaced).


PIs are responsible for ensuring lab members are trained in the appropriate use of the guillotine.  Appropriate placement of the animal and smooth operation of the instrument are necessary to ensure animal welfare.  Careful use of the instrument in order to avoid movement/tipping during use is important to ensure the safety of the operator’s hands and fingers.  PIs should document this training.