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Policy#: 529-343

Title: ANIMAL USE PROCEDURE: Substitution or Addition of Animal Strains

Effective: 1/6/2021


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Though useful, strain-specific information (e.g., transgenic lines) is not required in the AUP.

The following information should be provided in AUPs:

  • Number of sample groups/number of animals to be used in experiment(s).
  • Identify any strains that require specialized husbandry or monitoring and include the specialized care.

The IACUC does not need to be notified (via amendment) if strains used in approved experiments are changed or new strains added, UNLESS:

  • Special husbandry or monitoring is required for a new strain.
  • The new strain has an increased risk of pathogen infection or transmission (e.g., more susceptible to a pathogen.)
  • Any addition/re-assortment of strains will cause an increase of animal numbers.

In these cases, an amendment describing the specialized care or the increase in animal numbers (addressed in both breeding and experimental AUPs) must be submitted and approved before the work can begin.

Approved: 5/2/2016; latest revision 12/6/201