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Policy#: 529-342

Title: ANIMAL USE PROCEDURE: Required Documentation for the Use of Live, Embryonated Eggs

Effective: 9/14/2023


I: Background and Purpose

The IACUC must review all projects using live vertebrate animals. According to NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW), “live vertebrate animals” applies to egg-laying species after hatching. With zebrafish, OLAW interprets the PHS Policy as vertebrate animals at all stages of development three days post fertilization (3dpf). As such, the IACUC must review and approve all projects using zebrafish embryos at 3dpf. Activities that utilize embryos of non-zebrafish, non-mammalian, oviparous (egg-laying) species are not required.


II: Related policies

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·         529-271: Authority of the Attending Veterinarian

·         529-343: Substitution or Addition of Mouse Strains

III: Policy

1.     An Animal Use Protocol (AUP) must be submitted via Kuali, for IACUC review and approval for all projects using zebrafish embryos at 3 days post-fertilization.

2.      If oviparous embryos hatch or embryos will be extracted from live-bearing species, IACUC approval is required to cover the adult animals or hatchlings.

3.     Research with fertilized non-zebrafish, non-mammalian embryos in the final one-third of incubation requires correspondence with the IACUC Office ( which is then routed to the Campus veterinarian for review. Procedures should only begin using these fertilized non-zebrafish, non-mammalian embryos once confirmation from the IACUC Office is received. The correspondence should include the following:

a) The source of the embryos (e.g., obtained from commercial aviaries, collected in the wild)

b) Species

c) Briefly describe the procedures performed on embryos and the research goal

d) A statement that confirms the lab will contact the OCV Veterinarian (951-827-5845) should any egg hatch so that an appropriate euthanasia procedure can be performed.


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Approved: 12/16/2019; 9/20/2021; 8/14/23