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Policy#: 529-220

Title: SAFETY: Animal Bites - Treatment and Reporting

Effective: 10/4/2010





Initial treatment should be administered BEFORE reporting.


Animal Bites – Treatment:

1.    Initially encourage the wound to bleed for a short time.

2.    Wash the wound with soap and water. Hibiclens or other antiseptic soap should be kept in all vivaria for this purpose.


Animal Bites – Reporting:

3.    Report the bite to the Campus Health Center (ext. 2-3031) or to, your personal physician to determine whether any further treatment is necessary. It will be helpful if you know the date of your last tetanus booster.

4.    Report the bite to the MSO of your department. Provide the following:

·         the date

·         a description of the bite and its circumstances

·         the identification of the animal and its location

·         the treatment you received for the wound


With the exception of bats, rabies is not a significant hazard with the species (and their sources) currently housed in the vivaria. Although the risk with bats is minimal, it should be discussed with a physician.



Updated 12/9/04, 10/4/10