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Policy#: 529-206

Title: PI GUIDANCE: Responding to Requests for Information

Effective: 1/7/2008


All UCR faculty, students and staff receiving a request (not originating from UCR) for information about vertebrate animal use are encouraged to consult with the UCR Campus Veterinarian (CV), the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Chair or another member of the IACUC prior to taking any action.


When such a request is brought to the attention of the Office of the Campus Veterinarian, an IACUC member or the UCR Office of Research Integrity (ORI), the text of the request and any relevant accompanying information will be shared with the CV, IACUC Chair and ORI Director.  In the absence of any of these individuals, the remaining individuals will identify IACUC members to serve as substitutes.


v      All requests for records will be immediately forwarded to the UCR Public Records Act Coordinator, and also evaluated and handled in a similar manner as other requests for information. 


The IACUC Subcommittee will proceed as follows.


·         Determine if the situation is a substantial concern for the University.  If not, the situation will be reported to the IACUC at the next meeting and a file of discussion points maintained by the IACUC.  The Subcommittee may make recommendations to the individual receiving the request, if they choose.  No further action will be taken.


·         If the situation provides substantial concern for the University, the Subcommittee will:

1.       Consult with the Campus Counsel, the UCR individual responsible for responding to California Public Records Act requests, the University of California Office of the President Director of Research Compliance and the UCR Vice Chancellor for Research and UCR Strategic Communications, as appropriate.  Additionally, any faculty, students or staff identified in the request or potentially affected by the request will be included.  The Subcommittee may identify additional individuals for additional consultation.

2.       Determine if a special IACUC meeting is needed to discuss the situation.

3.       Decide whether an acknowledgement of the request is required and, if so, respond within the required time.

4.       Decide what type of response to the request is appropriate.

5.       Draft a response.

6.       Consult with individuals identified in point 1 regarding the response.

7.       If consensus is not achieved, the matter will be referred to the IACUC, either at an interim meeting or at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

8.       Send or withhold correspondence as decided.

9.       Notify all involved UC individuals of action taken.