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In order to comply with the requirement for evidence of education and to provide investigators with up-to-date information about the regulatory requirements for conducting research, Research Integrity has developed a tutorial that can be used as a self-directed learning module. This tutorial reviews core concepts for the responsible conduct of research with human subjects. By exploring this easy-to-use tutorial, investigators will be guided through the major principles for conducting research in a way that is consistent with federal and University requirements and with accepted scientific standards.

The tutorial may be used either to demonstrate investigator core competencies or as a voluntary exercise for those investigators who simply want to refresh their memory of the basic ethical guidelines related to human participants research. The tutorial may also be used in courses where the use of human participants in research is a topic of discussion.

There is no way to fail a tutorial. No matter how may times you answer a question incorrectly, you will always get another chance to answer the question correctly.

Note: For information regarding animal research tutorials, please see the campus veterinarian's training, health and education web page.

Enter The Tutorial System

In order to take a tutorial, or review prior tutorial results, you must either log in with your UCR NetId, or for outside users, you can log in with an Research and Economic Development (RED) user account. A user account allows us to track your progress and helps us give you credit for completing the tutorial.

Note: If you are on this page for the purposes of completing the UCR human subjects research training tutorial, be aware that as of May 15th, 2017, this training will no longer be available. The UCR IRBs will only be accepting Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) certificates training. Information about this training and the log in information can be found at our CITI resource page.

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