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Policy#: 529-261

Title: ANIMAL USE GUIDANCE: Production of Monoclonal Antibodies Using Mouse Ascites Method

Effective: 12/9/2004


Background: During the September 8, 1998, IACUC meeting, the Chair informed the Committee that we were in receipt of a letter from OPRR detailing specific new requirements for evaluation of proposals to use the mouse ascites method of antibody production. The ascites method is still acceptable, but investigators need to document their consideration of alternative methods.


Policy: IACUC will critically evaluate any proposed use of the mouse ascites method to produce monoclonal antibodies. Prior to approval of proposals that involve this method, the IACUC must determine that: (1) the proposed use is scientifically justified, (2) methods that avoid or minimize discomfort, distress, and pain (including in vitro methods) have been considered, and (3) the latter have been found unsuitable. Fulfillment of this three-part requirement must include appropriate documentation in the AUP application.