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Program TitlePostsecondary Student Success Grant Program (PSSG)
Program WebsiteLink
AgencyOffice of Postsecondary Education, Department of Education
Number of Submissions Allowed1
Internal UCR Deadline9/12/2023
Agency Final Deadline9/25/2023
Purpose of Program:
The purpose of this program is to equitably improve postsecondary student outcomes, including retention, transfer (including successful transfer of completed credits), credit accumulation, and completion, by leveraging data and implementing, scaling, and rigorously evaluating evidence-based activities to support data-driven decisions and actions by institutional leaders committed to inclusive student success.

This grant program seeks to fund evidence-based (as defined in this notice) strategies that result in improved student outcomes for underserved students (as defined in this notice). The program has two absolute priorities that correspond to varying evidence standards. This multi-tiered competition invites applicants that are in the “early phase” or “mid-phase/expansion” of their evidence-based work to support students through degree completion. This grant also supports the evaluation, dissemination, scaling, and sustainability efforts of the activities funded under this grant.

Estimated Average Size of Awards:

Early-phase (AP1)—$3,000,000 for 48 months.

Mid-phase/Expansion (AP2)—$7,000,000 for 48 months.

Cost Sharing or Matching:
Each grant recipient must provide, from Federal, State, local, or private sources, an amount equal to or exceeding 10 percent of funds requested under the grant, which may be provided in cash or through in-kind contributions, to carry out activities supported by the grant.

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