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Program TitleNSF 23-610: National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Institutes: Accelerating Research, Transforming Society, and Growing the American Workforce - Group 2 Themes
Program WebsiteLink
Number of Submissions Allowed1
Internal UCR Deadline11/1/2023
Intent Deadline1/12/2024
Agency Final Deadline5/17/2024

Group 2 -
Awards anticipated in FY 2025:

  • Theme 2: AI
    for Discovery in Materials Research

  • Theme 3:
    Strengthening AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has advanced tremendously
and today promises personalized healthcare; enhanced national security; improved
transportation; and more effective education, to name just a few benefits.
Increased computing power, the availability of large datasets and streaming
data, and algorithmic advances in machine learning (ML) have made it possible
for AI research and development to create new sectors of the economy and
revitalize industries. Continued advancement, enabled by sustained federal
investment and channeled toward issues of national importance, holds the
potential for further economic impact and quality-of-life improvements.

This program solicitation expands the nationwide network
of AI Research Institutes with new funding opportunities over the next two
years. In this round, the program invites proposals for institutes that have a
principal focus in one of the following themes aimed at transformational
advances in a range of economic sectors, and science and engineering fields:

 Group 1 -
Awards anticipated in FY 2024:

  • Theme 1: AI
    for Astronomical Sciences
Group 2 -
Awards anticipated in FY 2025:

  • Theme 2: AI
    for Discovery in Materials Research

  • Theme 3:
    Strengthening AI

Anticipated Type of Award: Cooperative Agreement

Estimated Number of Awards: 5

In Theme 1, NSF and the Simons Foundation expect to
co-fund up to two National AI Research Institutes. The average total size and
duration of a grant will be $4M per year for 5 years, evenly split between NSF
and SF.

NSF and partners plan to make one award in theme 2 and
two or more awards in Theme 3, subject to the availability of funds.

Anticipated Funding Amount: $100,000,000

Institute awards will be made for between $16,000,000 and
$20,000,000 for four to five years ($4,000,000 per year on average). Proposals
outside this range may be returned without review. Estimated program budget,
number of awards and average award size/duration are subject to the
availability of funds.

Cost Sharing Requirements: Inclusion of voluntary
committed cost sharing is prohibited.

Database Key: 2126966099