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Program TitleNSF National Quantum Virtual Laboratory (NQVL) Quantum Science and Technology Demonstrations (QSTD): Pilot Phase (NSF 23-604)
Program WebsiteLink
Number of Submissions Allowed1
Internal UCR Deadline2/9/2024
Intent Deadline4/9/2024
Agency Final Deadline6/11/2024

The NQVL vision is to support a highly accessible shared
research infrastructure framework that draws on the full spectrum of expertise
throughout the Nation to rapidly translate QISE ideas formulated in the
laboratory through prototyping, validation, at-scale testing, and eventual
full-scale deployment. A co-design approach will facilitate the quick transfer
of discoveries from one phase to the next, enable the rapid identification of
gaps, and draw on the talent necessary to close these gaps. A key focus of the
program will be to develop education and workforce development strategies that
promote broad participation, diversity, equity, and inclusion in QISE by
expanding access to state-of-the-art resources and prototypes to all parts of
the U.S. research ecosystem. While the completed NQVL will consist of a set of
primary nodes defined by the major Quantum Science and Technology Demonstration
projects defined below, the overall structure is designed to serve as a
resource for the community at large, with movement into and out facilitated
through a central coordination body.

Note: The full NQVL program will be implemented in
multiple iterations, each with its own solicitation. The present solicitation
applies only to the Pilot phase of the Quantum Science and Technology
Demonstration (QSTD) component.

The Pilot phase is focused on the development of the
conceptual design of the QSTD project. Specifically, the team will:

  • Refine the science questions;

  • Define requirements and prioritize research objectives;

  • Identify enabling technologies and risks;

  • Identify critical partnerships and dependencies;

  • Develop top-down cost and contingency estimates;

  • Formulate initial risk assessment;

  • Draft initial Project Execution Plan; and

  • Draft initial Workforce Development Plan.

Letters of Intent: Submission of Letters of Intent is

Anticipated Funding: The Pilot phase will be 12 months
duration at a funding level of up to $1,000,000 per project.

Cost Sharing: Including of voluntary committed cost
sharing is prohibited.

Database Key: 2126966092