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Program TitleFaculty Development in geoSpace Science (FDSS) (NSF 23-577)
Program WebsiteLink
Number of Submissions Allowed1
Internal UCR Deadline1/3/2024
Agency Final Deadline3/3/2025
Program Deadline(s)3/1/2027   

UCR is an R1 MSI.

The Geospace Section of the NSF Division of Atmospheric and Geospace
Sciences (AGS) offers funding for the creation of new tenure-track
faculty positions within the disciplines that comprise the AGS Geospace
programs to ensure their vitality at U.S. The
FDSS faculty position may reside within one department or be shared
among several departments at the IHE.

The proposal must clearly identify which NSF AGS Geospace program(s)
the hire is relevant to and what research priorities of the program(s)
will be addressed. NSF AGS Geospace programs/priorities include, but are
not limited to, the following: Aeronomy, Geospace Facilities, Magnetospheric Physics, Solar-Terrestrial, or Space Weather Research.

Important aspects to emphasize in the project description are the following:

  • Clear articulation of how the FDSS faculty position will be
    integrated into the IHE's program of education, research, service, and
  • Relevant NSF Geospace program research area(s) that will be addressed by the new faculty member;
  • Plan for geospace science curriculum development;
  • Potential for the faculty position to attract diverse students and train future scientists in geospace science;
  • Plan for developing partnerships both within the university and with the broader geospace science community;
  • Plan to support the success of the FDSS hire (including but not
    limited to reasonable teaching and service expectations, professional
    development in pedagogy, mentoring, assistance with proposal
    preparation, etc.);
  • Metrics to ascertain the success of the FDSS hiring and related activities of the hire;
  • Activities to foster participation by underrepresented and under-served groups in FDSS projects.

Proposals may only be submitted by the following: Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) - Two- and four-year IHEs
(including community colleges) accredited in, and having a campus
located in the United States, acting on behalf of their faculty members.
Proposing institutions are those that offer or plan to offer bachelor,
masters or doctoral degrees in natural sciences or engineering or
related sciences. The institution must be able to grant tenure status to

  • Track 1 - Any eligible IHE (as described above)
  • Track 2 - Only minority-serving institutions (MSIs) and emerging research institutions (ERIs) among IHEs.
Anticipated funding: To allow sufficient time for the FDSS hire to stand for tenure review or
at least complete a pre-tenure review at or before the end of the award
period, it is expected that the award duration will be 5 years. The FDSS award, including indirect costs, must be up to a maximum of
$300,000 per year for five years for a total maximum award amount of
Cost sharing: Cost Sharing is prohibited.

Database Key: 2126966067