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Program TitleRFA-ES-22-010: Environmental Health Sciences Core Centers (EHSCC) (P30)
Program WebsiteLink
Number of Submissions Allowed1
Internal UCR Deadline3/1/2024
Intent Deadline3/19/2024
Agency Final Deadline4/19/2024
This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites grant applications
for Environmental Health Sciences Core Centers (EHS CC). As intellectual
hubs for environmental health science research, the EHS CC is expected
to be the thought leaders for the field and advance the goals of the
NIEHS Strategic Plan (
The Core Centers provide critical research infrastructure, shared
facilities, services and/or resources, to groups of investigators
conducting environmental health sciences research. An EHS CC enables
researchers to conduct their independently-funded individual and/or
collaborative research projects more efficiently and/or more
effectively. The overall goal of an EHS CC is to identify and capitalize
on emerging issues that advance understanding of the relationships
among environmental exposures, human biology, and disease. The EHS CC
supports community engagement and translational research as key
approaches to improving public health.

To be eligible for an EHS CC award, the applicant
institution must demonstrate that they have a minimum of six active
NIEHS-supported research awards from four distinct PDs/PIs who are
members of the proposed Center. At the time of submission of an
application, the qualifying awards must have at least 1 full active year
  • NIEHS intends to commit $6.0M in FY 2024 to fund up to 4 awards.

  • New or first-time applicants are limited to $850,000 Direct Costs per
    year. Renewal applications are limited to $1.0M Direct Costs per year.
  • New or first-time applicants may apply for up to 4 years of support. Renewal applications may request up to 5 years of support

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