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Program TitlePAR-22-079: High-End Instrumentation (HEI) Grant Program (S10), $600,001-$2M
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Internal UCR Deadline4/3/2024
Agency Final Deadline6/3/2024
The High-End Instrumentation (HEI) Grant Program encourages applications
from groups of NIH-supported investigators to purchase or upgrade a
single item of high-end, specialized, commercially available instruments
or integrated systems. The minimum award is $600,001. There is no
maximum price limit for the instrument; however, the maximum award is
$2,000,000. Instruments supported include, but are not limited to, X-ray
diffractometers, high throughput robotic screening systems, mass
spectrometers, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, DNA and protein
sequencers, biosensors, electron and light microscopes, flow
cytometers, and biomedical imagers.

Award budget: Applications will be accepted that request a single, commercially
available instrument or an integrated instrumentation system. The
minimum award is $600,001. There is no upper limit on the cost of the
instrument, but the maximum award is $2,000,000.

Number of applications: Applicant organizations may submit more than one application, provided that each application is scientifically distinct.

Database Key: 2126966015