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Program TitlePAR-22-080: Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG) Program (S10), $50K-$600K
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Internal UCR Deadline4/3/2024
Agency Final Deadline6/3/2024

Award budget: Applications will be accepted that request a single, commercially
available instrument or an integrated instrumentation system. The
minimum award is $50,000. There is no upper limit on the cost of the
instrument, but the maximum award is $600,000.

Number of applications: Applicant organizations may submit more than one application, provided that each application is scientifically distinct.

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to continue
the Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG) Program administered by ORIP.
The objective of the Program is to make available to institutions
high-priced research instruments that can only be justified on a
shared-use basis and that are needed for NIH-supported projects in
basic, translational, or clinical biomedical and biobehavioral research.
The SIG Program provides funds to purchase or upgrade a single item of
expensive, state-of-the-art, specialized, commercially available
instrument or an integrated instrumentation system. An integrated
instrumentation system is one in which the components, when used in
conjunction with one another, perform a function that no single
component can provide. The components must be dedicated to the system
and not used independently.

Types of supported instruments include, but are not
limited to: X-ray diffractometers, mass spectrometers, nuclear magnetic
resonance (NMR) spectrometers, DNA and protein sequencers, biosensors,
electron and light microscopes, flow cytometers, high throughput robotic
screening systems, and biomedical imagers. Applications for standalone
computer systems (supercomputers, computer clusters and data storage
systems) will only be considered if the system is solely dedicated to
biomedical research.

All instruments, integrated systems, and computer systems must be dedicated to research only.

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